Millennials Creating Wine Industry Change Says Infiniti Research

The increasing consumption of wine by Millennials, in addition to widespread health concerns and the increasing adoption of healthy lifestyles and diets, is responsible for the current growth spurt in the global organic wine market.
Organic wine is generally perceived to be healthier than non-organic options, as it is made from organically-grown grapes, and most (including all organic wines in the US) do not include sulfites. According to Infiniti Research, the global organic wine market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.98% until 2021.
Millennials account for only 29% of all wine drinkers, but are responsible for 34% of the total wine consumed in the world. Organic wine is popular with this consumer group due to their overwhelming focus on healthy lifestyles and preference for organic, natural food and beverage products.