MOM Brands Launches Spooners Ready-To-Eat Cereal


MOM Brands® has a new addition to its ever-expanding brand portfolio with Spooners® ready-to-eat cereal. The new brand of cereal is packaged in stand-up gusseted bags, which sit on the shelf like a box, yet contain 75% less consumer packaging waste than comparably sized bag-in-box ready-to-eat cereals. Each bag of Spooners contains biscuits with flavored morsels baked into the middle. The biscuits are based on the MOM Brands proprietary 12-layer biscuit, and are made with whole grain wheat. Spooners are available in the following flavors: Mixed Berry Multigrain Spooners, Cinnamon Multigrain Spooners, Original Multigrain Spooners, Frosted Multigrain Spooners, and Chocolate Spooners with Chocolate Chips.