Mood Media Issues ‘The State Of Brick & Mortar: 2017’

Mood Media, the global leader in elevating Customer Experiences, has issued “The State of Brick & Mortar: 2017.”
Highlights from the study include: Consumers greatly value the tactile nature of offline shopping: 72% of US consumers cite “the ability to touch, feel and try products” as their top reason for shopping brick & mortar.
Atmosphere matters: In the US, those aged 18-24 rate the “atmosphere and experience” to be more important than any other age group, with 1 in 3 citing it as a top reason they choose in-store over online shopping.
Most impulse buys aren’t triggered by accident: When it comes to making unplanned purchases, 54% of Americans cite that “discounts and promotions” most influence their impulse buys, while 37% cite “feeling in the right mood” as their top driver. Furthermore, 60% of 18-24 year olds cited that an enjoyable, branded in-store atmosphere would make them more likely to “stay and shop in the store longer.”
Fifty percent of US consumers surveyed would like to receive immediately redeemable discounts pushed to their phones while in-store. Interest among 18-24 year olds came in even higher, at 67%.