NASCAR Transforms Racetrack Memorabilia Shopping Experience


NASCAR has formed a 10-year agreement with Fanatics to conduct its fan merchandise operations at every NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race. The new partnership includes sweeping plans to transform the sales of memorabilia from an allotment of walk-up trailers to a walk-in assortment of tents in a courtyard-style mall layout. The retail initiative has the potential to make souvenir sales a more interactive process.
Ross Tannenbaum, President of Jacksonville, FL-based Fanatics Authentic, said, “We’ve committed to trying to build something up that the fans will love, that the teams and the industry will all be excited about, that will be a better shopping experience.”
The design will vary from track to track because of space limitations, but the traveling mall’s flexibility is up to the logistical challenges.
“A merchandise center will provide a more personal, organized, comfortable and convenient shopping environment for our fans,” said Steve Phelps, NASCAR Chief Marketing Officer.