Nielsen Highlights Multicultural Influence Across Grocery’s Perimeter Categories

With the rapid growth of multicultural households in America and their unparalleled influence on the marketplace, there is a strong need for retailers to revise their in-store strategies to include a wider range of fresh food products and flavor profiles that cater to the multicultural consumer set, according to the report, “A Fresh Look at Multicultural Consumers,” from Nielsen.
According to Nielsen, multicultural households spend a higher share on Fresh as a percentage of their total food spend compared to non-Hispanic White households. In fact, multicultural consumer shoppers make 3% more trips to the store containing fresh items and spend 4% more per year on fresh items, resulting in a $2.2 billion opportunity for retailers. For many multicultural families, Fresh is a dietary staple. The multicultural preference for fresh comes from cooking and eating norms that centrally reflect the unique cultures of African Americans, Asian Americans, and Hispanics.