Oreo Promotes New Firework Oreo Cookies

Firework OREO Cookies, the newest limited edition flavor from the OREO Wonder Vault, featuring popping candy creme, is hitting shelves nationwide. With this unique OREO cookie flavor launch, the brand also invites fans further into the OREO Wonder Vault by kicking-off the #MyOreoCreation #Contest, a search for future OREO creations. For the first-time, fans will submit their ideas for what the OREO Wonder Vault should release next for the chance to win a cash reward valued at $500,000.
“Our newest limited edition flavor got us thinking – if we can create a Firework OREO cookie, what else could we create? And who better to ask than those who are already sharing their flavor and creation ideas,” said Madeline Vincent, Brand Manager, OREO. The #MyOreoCreation #Contest leverages the unique equity the OREO Wonder Vault has built around innovation and, especially, deliciously unexpected flavors. The OREO Wonder Vault is constantly dreaming up ways to surprise and delight fans. And now, fans can join in.”