Perrier Conducts District Perrier Promo.


Perrier Sparkling Natural Mineral Water introduces consumers to its bolder, quirkier side by transporting them to District Perrier, an extraordinary party destination that can be experienced digitally and in-store at leading retailers nationwide. Taking cues from illustrious nightlife districts around the world, District Perrier is part fantasy, part reality, featuring an original content hub on Tumblr as well as a creative retail marketing strategy.
Perrier will utilize mobile marketing apps such as Blippar, a mobile augmented reality and image recognition platform, and iBotta, which features District Perrier games to redeem rewards to drive in-store engagement. These apps will give shoppers the opportunity to experiment with the product and unlock savings.
Featured content includes: Mixology videos with District Perrier-inspired cocktails, DJ playlists, Style and destination guides for District Perrier, as well as other cultural hot spots.
Priya Shenoy, Perrier Group Marketing Manager, said, “District Perrier is an exciting new way to engage with millennial audiences and bring Perrier’s personality to life.”