Pizza Patron Runs Spicy New Promo


Pizza Patrón has launched its ‘add jalapeños’ campaign, LLORAR Y LLORAR, named after a famous song sung by perhaps Mexican singer, Vicente Fernandez. It translates to ‘Cry and Cry Again.’
The campaign is centered upon adding jalapeños to a pizza for just 99¢.
“Pizza Patrón already goes through a lot of jalapeños each week,” said Andrew Gamm, Brand Director for Pizza Patrón. “Even so, we have dedicated a significant portion of our store lobbies to display the series of campaign posters featuring very colloquial headlines designed to heighten customer awareness of our ‘add jalapeños’ option.”
P.O.P. Posters feature men and women crying and the headlines ask ‘Are you crying because’… they cancelled your favorite novella, it was a terrible call on the field, your girlfriend caught you on Snapchat — or — because you added jalapeños to your pizza.