POLO Red WOW Displays New Men’s Cologne


L’Oreal USA used this POLO Red WOW display unit to promote the launch of the brand’s new men’s cologne. Aisle displays were used for the launch of POLO Red. The displays were a combination of MDF, Metal, Acrylic and Ultraboard. They were placed in Dillard’s, Macy’s, Belk and Bon Ton retail stores for the launch period, however, some stores are continuing to use the displays for several months after the launch due to the attention they receive. The end result of the whole campaign run by L’Oreal USA, which included the “POLO Red WOW display unit” pushed the brand to the #3 selling men’s cologne for the launch.

The POLO Red WOW display unit was created by Machine-Star, (www.machinestar.com), a Grand Rapids, MI-based display firm.