Purple Deck Media Partners With Chambers’ Apothecary

Chambers’ Apothecary, a leading full-service pharmacy in Chambersburg, PA, is taking its customer service one step further with the addition of Near Field Communication tags (NFC).
TapLive™, Purple Deck’s NFC solution, enables customers of Chambers’ Apothecary to access a wide variety of information about products and services by simply tapping their phone against the tags. TapLive will supplement Chambers’ customer service with websites, user reviews, customer surveys and videos.
The NFC tags, which prominently feature Chambers Apothecary’s logo, are managed by an easy-to-use dashboard created by Purple Deck that allows managers to edit and adjust the functionality of the tags as needed in real time.
“Not only does TapLive encourage customer engagement in the store, but it also gives managers enhanced visibility into that engagement,” said James Sulfare, CEO of Purple Deck. “Managers can now identify which products are being tapped the most, which is a powerful metric.”