Retailigence Expands Online-To-Offline Local Marketing & Commerce Platform For Brands And Retailers

Retailigence, a leading Online-to-Offline (O2O) Local Marketing and Commerce Platform company, is expanding its online to offline local marketing and commerce platform for brands and retailers. O2O refers to any and all activity that originates online yet eventually results in a shopper going to a physical store.

“Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have dramatically changed the way shoppers interact with brands and retailers,” said Jeremy Geiger, founder and CEO of Retailigence. “Brands and retailers are adopting new path-to-purchase strategies to capitalize on these trends, and that’s where Retailigence comes in. With Retailigence, marketers can alert shoppers on their mobile devices exactly when a particular product is available and indicate where it can be purchased at the closest retail location, increasing in-store sales to the benefit of both product brands and retailers.”

Leading brands and retailers rely on Retailigence’s O2O platform to convert mobile consumers into local shoppers with the following solutions: adPOP – Ad solution that dynamically embeds Retailigence’s proprietary access to local store inventory data into hyperlocal mobile ad creative to improve local ad relevance and to guide shoppers along the local path-to-purchase. appNET – Commerce solution for retailers that helps hundreds of thousands of shoppers every day, using any one of the large and growing number of mobile application partners, find specific products and brands for instantaneous convenience.