Simon Expands Network Of Interactive Directories

Simon is rolling out new, interactive digital directories at its shopping centers. These enhanced, innovative digital directories incorporate the latest in digital wayfinding and interactive capabilities.

“Simon is a leader in this space with an unmatched network of over 175 screens deployed across the country,” said Mikael Thygesen, Simon’s Chief Marketing Officer. “We felt it was time to develop the next generation of this technology and elevate the consumer experience even further.”

These next generation units use 65″, LCD, full HD touchscreens. The digital interactive maps highlight the location of shops and services and display the fastest route for shoppers to take. Shoppers also have the option to send those directions to their mobile device through a variety of digital communication channels (beacons, NFC, SMS, etc.).

In addition, the directories utilize location-based technology to allow brands to connect directly with their customers with real-time, relevant information.