Smart Service Kiosk From Ford Automates Vehicle Service Process

Ford and Panasonic are testing an all-in-one Smart Service Kiosk. Designed for the outside environment, the kiosk includes key drop-off, payment, and automatic key return. Through the kiosk, available 24/7, customers can drop off and pick up their vehicle key or obtain keys to a loaner vehicle, select their needed service from a quick-pick menu, and pay for service using a credit or debit card. When service is complete, if the customer cannot make it to the dealership until off-hours, he or she can simply use the kiosk to return the loaner key and retrieve their vehicle key.
Brad Brownell, Director, Ford Global Distribution Strategy, said, “Smart Service Kiosk enables Ford customers to drop off, pick up, select and pay for their vehicle service on their time, whether it’s outside of dealership service hours or to avoid waiting in line if the service staff is busy.”
Ford leveraged the expertise of Panasonic, who collaborated with GoMoto, for the kiosk.