STRATACACHE Builds Momentum With Acquisition Of Convenience Store Network

STRATACACHE has acquired the LIFT Network from Verifone. LIFT is an interactive digital upsell platform at convenience store (C-Store) retailers nationwide. LIFT will roll up to PRN, STRATACACHE’s flagship retail media company.
The LIFT technology links basket information, shopper behavior, and cashier performance to deliver tested “plus one” sales. A touchscreen at checkout displays relevant offers based on real-time transaction data, allowing C-Store retailers to sell additional items to every shopper, personalize the customer experience with redeemable promotions, drive brand activation, and maximize cashier performance.
“The LIFT Network provides an opportunity to further evolve the digital shopper marketing experience,” said Chris Riegel, STRATACACHE, CEO. “This targeted upsell platform allows us to further grow our reach into the consumer’s path to purchase while positively impacting sales and gathering key customer insights at retail. With the enhancements provided by our artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and mobile analytics capabilities, STRATACACHE can take this network to the next level.”