Strongbow’s Orchard Glampground Brings Camping To Toronto

Strongbow recently took camping to new heights with an Orchard Glampground built 10 stories above city streets on a rooftop in the heart of downtown Toronto. The orchard glampsite provided sweeping city views from a lush, forested orchard setting giving city-centric Torontonians an opportunity to reconnect with nature.
“Strongbow is passionate about giving everyone the opportunity to reconnect with nature and we wanted to show Torontonians that you don’t have to go far to get a new view of your city or connect with the outdoors,” said Emily Hendren, Marketing Manager for Strongbow.
The Orchard Glampground is an extension of Strongbow’s global commitment to bringing nature back into cities in a creative and unexpected way. Cities around the world have been injected with nature. This year in New York, Strongbow created the first floating food forest that will help make fresh edible perennial plants available to all New Yorkers.