Target Unveils Redesigned ‘Open House’ Concept Store

Target’s Open House, a connected device concept store, has reopened after extensive renovation, according to Gene Han, V.P., Consumer Internet of Things.

Target Open House gives guests hands-on interactions with new products and services, and provides the entrepreneur community a spot to gather and learn from one another and consumers.
The latest iteration of the space features a number of exciting new elements and products. The new Garage space serves as an area for companies to showcase or launch their products on a retail shelf, get valuable quantitative and qualitative feedback on their products and have direct visibility to Target buyers. Target is making it easier for startups to get their products in front of thousands of guests earlier, before they’re even available for sale.

Along with new products, Target is also debuting a new tool called Mission Control. This software offers a real-time dashboard for startups to see guest interactions, get feedback and understand traffic and sales for their products.