Tesser And FMI Unveil Food Retail Of Future

Tesser, a San Francisco design firm, was tapped by the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), to lead an intensive, one-year creative exploration with food industry thought leaders on what key marketplace trends to expect in the next 10 years.
Grocery stores will become more consumer-driven destinations, moving from a functional “need” state to a more emotional “want” state-of-mind much like successful non-food retailers. Hyper-showrooming™, a term coined by Tesser, will combine a multi-sensory in-store experience with instantly accessible proprietary data, creating a shopping experience that is more compelling than either traditional bricks and mortar or online. Enhanced stores will offer micro-personalization allowing consumers to purchase the exact product they are looking for in real time. Changing demographics and lifestyles will drive retailers to have a larger role in facilitating shoppers’ well being. Store environments will become highly responsive, transforming to match consumers’ needs based on time of day, season, and promotions.