Design Phase will be showing this LG Waterfall display designed to illustrate the superior picture quality and viewing experience of the new curved and flat OLED 4K TV’s by LG. To grab the attention of consumers at retail, LG implemented a novel approach of stacking and mounting both of the televisions very close, allowing the content to flow between the two screens and appear seamless. Special software allowed the content to loop in tandem in combination with the 55″ or 65″ curved or flat version of the TV. To learn more, contact Design Phase at Booth 4863 or call 847-473-0077; (Web Site)


Kinter will be showing K-Ads,.which enable advertising to be mounted on in-store cooler door handles. For marketers, K-Ads direct consumers to their brand at the point-of-sale. And for retailers, K-Ads create new revenue streams by turning their cooler door handles into billboards. To learn more, contact Kinter at Booth 2355 or call 800.323.2389; (Web Site)

DUCO-InVision Media Players

DUCO will be showing its InVISION® Android-Based Quad Core Media Players, which convert monitors or TV screens of any size into sophisticated media players. DUCO’s 4K UHD Media Player allows Brand Marketers the ability to feature their instore 4K video advertising content on any size UHD television they choose. An Optional Accessory Module plays videos with up to 10 push buttons. The units have 24-hour self-monitoring and reset capabilities. To learn more, contact DUCO at Booth 4047 or call 702-451-366; (Web Site)


Carocon will be showing this display produced for back-to-school season to hold Snyder’s Lance sandwich crackers. It is a temporary, four-sided display with eye-catching and interactive components such as flashing lights on an extended stop sign and on headlights. The school bus was designed to be easily adaptable in size for the retailer to set it up as they wished (it could be attached to 2-4 hutches for smaller stores or as many as 6-8 hutches for larger stores), as well as to withstand the rigors in transit and in the retail environment for 90 days. To learn more, contact Carocon at Booth 4029 or call 866-859-3334; (Web Site)

PROPRINT-WNWB-Poster-Superman v Batman

Proprint Services will be showing various point of sale materials created for the Dawn of Justice movie. These posters showcase the main characters of Superman and Batman. They were printed full color on 100# gloss coated paper on Proprint’s forty inch Heidelberg litho press. The posters were trimmed to size and kitted with other elements and shipped out across the nation. To learn more, contact Proprint at Booth 4871 or call 888-776-7768; (Web Site)


Landaal Packaging Systems will unveil its patent pending Snack Display Retail Merchandiser. In the world of retail display merchandisers, Landaal Packaging Systems’ new display virtually eliminates the major obstacle – assembly time. The technology creates an automatically-assembling display requiring only a few seconds before it’s ready to be filled with product. This display ensures that the display can quickly be set up and easily stocked. To learn more, contact Landaal Packaging Systems at Booth 4243 or call 810-223-0605; (Web Site)


DSA Phototech will be showing its new Two Sided Frameless Fabric LED Light Box with Backlit LED Strips. This innovation allows users to double their advertising exposure. Handmade in the USA, this product is available in attention grabbing large format sizes up to 120″ x 204.” It features a durable and lightweight aluminum housing with a facing edge that is a mere 1/8″ inch wide. Both silver and black standard finishes and custom finishes are available. Depths for the two sided design are as narrow as a mere 5″, which reduces the space needed to showcase a large format display. To learn more, contact DSA Phototech at Booth or call 877-305-4911; (Web Site)


Outwater will be showing the Brite Light Sheet, devised for use with Outwater’s L-Task-149 Aluminum Channel and LED Ribbon Strip Lighting to diffuse consistent backlighting without any required installation space in between the Brite Light Sheet and the piece to be backlit. It comprises a self-adhering backing sheet that affixes to acrylic or glass surfaces without difficulty. Outwater’s Brite Light Sheet can be cut to any size or shape, creating effects that would be unobtainable using conventional backlighting methods. To learn more, contact Outwater at Booth 1236 or call 1-800-631-8375; (Web Site)

Stacked Tub Spinner Display

Midway Displays will be showing its new 4 Tier Spinning Tub Display, a stock component floor merchandiser that is durable and economical. Its clear plastic tubs present all kinds of candies, toys, school supplies, and hard to see small items. The 4 compartment rotor is designed to securely hold the tubs at the correct angles and levels for the convenience of the consumer to see and reach your smaller hard to shelve merchandise. This 4 Tier Spinning Tub display is easy to assemble, and is designed to “Pack small and do big things,” saving on shipping and warehousing costs. To learn more, visit Booth 1442 or call 708-563-2323; (Web Site)


Hankscraft will be showing shelf mount or suction mount LED panels. The LED panels feature ultra brightness, long lifespan and low energy consumption. They are lightweight, compact, and easy to install on store shelves. To learn more, contact Hankscraft at Booth 4641 or call 608-524-4341; (Web Site)


Above All Advertising will be showing Custom Printed Roller Shades, which are 100% customizable and feature three standard options of transparency; sheer, a partial block out, or a full block out. Roller Shades are available in a wide selection of sizes, ranging in width up to 192 inches. The Roller Shade has the option of being automated and easily controlled with a hassle free remote. To learn more, contact Above All Advertising at Booth 2905 or call 866-552-2683; (Web Site)


MasonWays will be showing this unique 60 Bottle Wine Rack, which is an ideal home for special promotions and sales items. It is available in a variety of colors and header signs. It can be used to create impulse sales and keep bottles off the floor. It will not chip or crack, is easy to move and clean, and holds 60 bottles of wine. To learn more, contact MasonWays at Booth 4327 or call 800-837-2881; (Web Site)


Scentisphere will be showing THE SCENTERGIZER™ for point of purchase scent sampling and activation. The SCENTERGIZER™ is an attractive, semi-permanent, push-button scent sampling device positioned on shelf directly in front of a brand. It invites consumers to press the scent activation button to experience a brand’s fragrance at the most critical moment of their purchasing decision. To learn more, contact Scentisphere at Booth 5323 or call 845.225.3600; (Web Site)


Master Magnetics will be showing 72 New Magnetic Assemblies for P.O.P. and Merchandising Solutions. These new products bolster the widest ranging product line of magnetic P.O.P. offerings in the industry. Whether it’s flexible magnetic sheeting for graphic displays, or strong magnetic round base assemblies with hooks, the ease of installation and repositioning, along with permanent magnetic holding power, make magnets an increasingly popular choice for a variety of P.O.P. displays. The newly expanded selection of sign holders provides retailers and designers with a range of options to quickly call out merchandise in a variety of locations. To learn more, contact Master Magnetics at Booth 1573 or call-800-525-3536; (Web Site)


Shelf Talkers Manufacturing (STM) will be officially unveiling its new Magik Frame Reusable Sign Holder, a re-usable sign holder that uses a revolutionary mounting adhesive that allows it to adhere to any smooth, dry surface and be re-used hundreds of times without leaving any residue. The Magik Frame is easy to use; simply remove the protective layer from the mounting adhesive, insert the sign behind the protective scratch proof cover and apply the Magik frame on desired smooth, dry surface. It is available in all standard sizes and can also be custom sized and branded with your corporate logos and colors. With an incredible temperature range of 0°F – 150°F, the Magik Frame works perfectly on glass doors, windows, exhibit cases, cooler doors, store entry ways, painted walls, tiles, metal surfaces, wood surfaces & plastic surfaces. To learn more, visit Shelf Talkers Manufacturing at Booth 1265 or call 888-755-0750; (Web Site) or (Web Site)


Enhance America will be introducing its G2 NEXEON, the next generation of neon signage, a green alternative. G2 NEXEON truly simulates the appearance of neon tubes with bright, long lasting and durable LED tubes. G2 NEXEON maintains the quality, heritage, and high perceived value of traditional NEON signs. To learn more, visit Enhance America at Booth 4347 or call 888-319-8555; (Web Site)


Nashville Display will be showing this mobile Floor Stand display created for Nestle Purina Petcare. This display creates a permanent in store location outside the aisle to drive awareness of new flavors and increase sales. The fixture needed to be versatile to change out assortments without requiring an inline POG reset. To learn more, contact Nashville Display at Booth 4629 or call 888-743-2572; (Web Site)


WestRock will be showing the first merchandising display solution to incorporate printed electronic sensors in smart shelves and smart pegs. Collaborating with Intel®,these displays provide retailers, brands and distributors detailed, real-time information about on-shelf product availability. This real-time visibility helps measure sales velocity, identify low and out-of-stock conditions, and reduce shrinkage. To learn more, contact WestRock at Booth 4219 or call 800-829-1509; (Web Site)


Se-Kure Controls will be showing its Vantage Tablet Lockdown Stand with universal grippers, which combines the protection of a mechanical lock down device with an electronic alarm. It allows pivoting from portrait to landscape and can power the tablet allowing full operation. The stand easily accommodates tablets of varying size. To learn more contact Se-Kure Controls at Booth 2143 or call 800-250-9260; (Web Site)


Do-It Corp. will be showing Printed Hang Tabs which allow products to hang anywhere in the store. Promotional style hang tabs hold a sample for cross-promotion or work as an in-store coupon. In addition, printed hang tabs can reduce packaging costs and size or replace packaging completely. To learn more about Printed Hang Tabs, visit Do-It Corp. at Booth 4161 or call 800-426-4822; (Web Site)


Trion will be showing fixtures for bagged coffee. Increased Facings in the area provide Constant Product Alignment, Enhance Shop Ability, Increase Product Sales, Keep Product Organized- like Flavors and Brands, and Give a Poster like Appearance. Modern fixtures bring a great deal of new functionality to the store. They increase sales and profits, reduce labor and shrink, help maintain date ordering at the shelf-edge and can even auto-face entire departments.To learn more, contact Trion Industries at Booth 1259 or call 800-444-4665; (Web Site)


Holography Box will be showing its Holography Box™ integrated device that projects the image and sound of a product or brand to appear as floating on air. Hasbro is using holographic videos at the retail shelf in Target Stores to promote its Transformers and My Little Pony lines of products. The holographic images bring these characters to life in an attention-getting and impactful way. This year, the company will also be unveiling oversized, life size holography for the first time. To learn more about Holography Box, visit Holography Box at Booth 5456; or call 305-203-0660; (Web Site)


Testrite will be showing its new Charisma Elevated SEG Stands.™ The Elevated SEG Graphic Stands feature attractive oval uprights with marquis bases. The 6′ uprights provide stability for the double sided units. SEG frames mount easily with screws from inside the frame. The units are available in custom color, sizes and heights. To learn more, contact Testrite Visual Products at Booth 2159 or call 888-873-2735; (Web Site)


Essentra Specialty Tapes will be showing its extensive line of specialty tape products for use in designing and manufacturing P.O.P. displays, signage and other merchandising displays. Essentra will feature its latest tape products, which include Duraco® Red, a double-sided film tape that features a clear tape with a transparent red liner, and a strong permanent adhesive for hard-to-stick applications, such as UV-coated materials or in high service temperature environments. Remo Two® Clear is a double-sided clear foam tape with a removable acrylic-based adhesive on both sides, which removes cleanly from metal, wood, glass, and plastics. Remo Two is ideal for applications where the tape should not be visible on the display or sign. To learn more, visit Essentra at Booth 4758 or call 708-305-1443; (Web Site)