Sherwin-William’s ColorSnap Studio

The Sherwin-Williams Colorsnap Studio is a game changer in how consumers view, select, and purchase color. This 12-ft.-wide display presents the largest color launch in the 150-year history of The Sherwin-Williams Company. The ColorSnap Studio won the Gold OMA in the Home and Garden Category and Display of the Year, Permanent, and was created for The Sherwin-Williams Company by Innovative Marketing Solutions, 1320 Plum Grove Road, Schaumburg, IL 60173; (Web Site)


Chateau Ste. Michelle High Tier Barrel Display

Chateau Ste. Michelle had a vision for a wine display that replicated the look of a large oval wine cask. It required a freestanding display to hold 5 cases of various size bottles, and have Chateau Ste. Michelle branding on all four sides. The goal was to create a versatile display that retailers could use as a standalone display or as part of a larger mass display. To address the challenge of adding shelves to a curved barrel, a structurally sound birch plywood inner shelf unit was produced and wrapped with the decorative pine stave pieces. This display won the Gold OMA in the Beverages, Wine & Liquor category, and Display of the Year, Semi-Permanent, and was created for Chateau Ste. Michelle by Ruszel Woodworks, 2980 Bayshore Rd., Benicia, CA 94510; (Web Site)


Nestle Purina Muse® Quarter Pallet

Nestle Purina’s Muse dry cat foods, available in several grain-free varieties, feature real chicken or salmon is the main ingredient. This quarter pallet display engages consumers and is shoppable from multiple sides. This Muse Quarter Pallet Display won the Gold OMA, Temporary, in the General Merchandise category, and was created for Nestle Purina by Westrock Merchandising Displays, 5900 Grassy Creek Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105; (Web Site)


LG OLED 4K Waterfall Display

The LG Waterfall display demonstrates the superior picture quality and viewing experience of the new curved and flat OLED 4K TV’s by LG. To grab attention of consumers at retail, LG implemented a creative and novel approach of stacking and mounting both of the televisions very close, allowing the content to flow between the two screens and appear seamless. This display won the Gold OMA in the Specialty Retailers & Service category, and was created by Design Phase, 1771 S. Lakeside Drive, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)


Perrier “Best Trip Ever” Topper

This in-store promotional case topper was created to communicate Perrier’s “Best Trip Ever” sweepstakes. The image on the pedestal sums it up…four cans of Perrier including one being grabbed by a hand, corresponding to the four words for the sweepstakes. The attention grabbing motion, emotional engagement with lifestyle imagery and a structure that symbolized the promotion led to success. The Perrier “Best Trip Ever” Topper won the Gold OMA in the Supermarket, Temporary Category, and was created by Great Northern; 1800 South St., Racine, WI 54912; (Web Site)


Keurig Kold Modular Display System

The Keurig Kold™ system needed an extensive display program to introduce this new product line and differentiate it from the Keurig Hot brewer product line. This display has a clear acrylic product base, which conveys a “cold” feeling to reinforce the cold brewing system. An LED header and eye-catching product photos further grabbed the consumers’ attention. This display won the Gold OMA in the Mass Merchandise, Permanent category, and was created by Design Phase, 1771 S. Lakeside Drive, Waukegan, IL 60085; (Web Site)


Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Toaster Display

The goal was to create a consumer-stopping thematic point-of-sale display program to disrupt the shopper, excite the field and drive sales and retailer excitement. To accomplish this goal, a mobile display was created for Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts that would allow the display to be moved within a store, have the durability to last several months, and tie into the national “Pop-Tarts in a Toaster” campaign. This larger than life, iconic toaster shaped display was as an immediate reminder to consumers how easily Pop-Tarts can be part of a quick breakfast. The Pop-Tarts popping out of the top at random angles break the lines of sight in a store to disrupt shoppers. The Kellogg’s Pop Tarts Toaster Display won the Gold OMA in the Food, Semi-Permanent category, and was created by Menasha Display, 1645 Bergstrom Rd.,Neenah, WI 54956; (Web Site)


CVS/pharmacy MakeUp Academy (MUA) End Cap

This display communicates the sophisticated MUA brand imagery needed to compete with premium national brands. The dramatic fixture creates impact in the CVS beauty quadrant while maintaining the refined aesthetics of MUA. The black background creates a bold landscape and showcases product with black-and-white highlights. Cubbies have an upscale, quality appearance with a clear front and digital printing in the back to create a see-through impression. Engineering maximized product capacity in a compact footprint. The CVS/pharmacy Make-Up Academy end cap display won a Gold OMA in the Drug Store, Permanent category, and was created by POP Displays, 555 Tuckahoe Rd., Yonkers, NY 10710; (Web Site)


Keurig Quarter Pallet Permanent Display

This display was created to be placed in high-traffic locations within major food stores to build shopper awareness of Keurig’s Brewing system, including its wide assortment of K-Cup 12 ct. Portion Packs. The 2-way display design gave shoppers and retail stock clerks viewing access to the Brewers and/or the K-Cup Portion Packs. The Display used injection molded shelves with shelf dividers. Displays were shipped with shelves for the Portion Packs, which could also be removed for merchandising of the large Brewer cartons. Extrusion channels on the front lips accommodated customer specific price tags. This display was created by New Dimensions Research, 260 Spagnoli Road, Melville, NY 11747; Silver Award. (Web Site)


JC Penney Nail Polish Bar

JC Penney required a clean, simple permanent structure to display, in a unique fashion, multiple nail polish brands and colors. A cabinet unit was designed to house trays for the bottles as well as plenty of additional storage space for product. A patented ACCUtips™ nail tip swatch system with polish name labels and real paint colors was used on the display. Gravity fed shelves were also incorporated to keep the product front facing. This Nail Polish Bar was produced for JC Penney by OSI Creative, 185 Technology Dr., Irvine, CA 92618; Bronze Award.
(Web Site)


Venus Swirl Video Blade

This Gillette Venus Swirl video display demonstrates how the Venus Swirl’s unique FLEXIBALL™ design enables it to capture what other razors miss. The compact video unit engages shoppers at the shelf level. This display was created for Gillette and promotion agency, Promotion Execution Partners, by Westrock Merchandising Displays, 5900 Grassy Creek Blvd., Winston-Salem, NC 27105; Bronze Award. (Web Site)


Wal-Mart Battery Display

The objective was to create an automotive battery display that could accommodate approximately 3,000 lbs. for 6-8 weeks, be 100% recyclable and shoppable from more than one side. Careful engineering and testing resulted in a display constructed recyclable corrugate products. 2,500 stores received this display, there were no complaints/failures and batteries were sold out within a month. This display was created by Bennett Packaging & Displays, 220 NW Space Center Cir, Lees Summit, MO 64064; Bronze Award.(Web Site)


Nivea In-Shower Lotion Displays

Beiersdorf was looking to create awareness of, and excitement around, the launch of its new product line, Nivea In-Shower lotion. This family of displays incorporates product usage education. By developing a family of unique displays, including an end cap, floor stand, stand-alone power wing, and several PDQs, the displays were able to be placed in different locations throughout the store for higher visibility. By including a vinyl shower head dangler, the shopper was tipped off to the product’s use. To complement the dangler, printed graphics of a simple four step process communicated the instructions and ease of use. The Nivea In-Shower Lotion Family of Displays was created by Menasha Display, 1645 Bergstrom Rd.,Neenah, WI 54956; Silver Award (Web Site)


Purina Purpose End Cap

Purina wanted to drive trial and awareness of this unique, new cat litter line driven by a fragrance-forward product proposition. This display was designed to merchandise this new product line in an impactful manner while educating the consumer about the new, sophisticated cat litter scents. The display’s simple set-up helped aid execution; the fragrance test unit came fully assembled. This display was created by Great Northern; 1800 South St., Racine, WI 54912; Bronze Award.
(Web Site)


Hasbro Star Wars Blade Builder Shelf Video Display

Hasbro wanted to create an engaging motion sensor activation, highlighting the iconic sound and lights of the Star Wars lightsaber, using an updateable video player. The Blade Builder brand is the star in an arresting 4.3″ video monitor. Engineered for both heavy usage and interchangeability, the Blade Builder display unit’s most important technology is the high-quality video monitor built inside. To achieve high performance at low cost, the best existing video technology used in other industries was used in this engaging shelf display. Including both AC and battery power supply, which allows up to 3,000 activations before battery replacement is needed. This display was created by United Displaycraft, 333 E. Touhy Ave., Des Plaines, IL 60018; Bronze Award. (Web Site)


Mars Colormix Display

The objective of this display was to drive shopper conversion through brand appeal and unique merchandising. This display was constructed from PetG and ABS plastic and sheet metal and tubing. This merchandiser met the requirements of brand appeal, retailer operational efficiencies and exceptional shopper conversion metrics inspiring a new standard in future merchandising tactics. This display was created by The Central Group, 5526 Timberlea Boulevard, Mississauga, ON, L4W 2T7, Canada; Silver Award (Web Site)


Mondelez Easter Theatre Archway Display

This display created an impactful, brand centric destination for Cadbury Easter products and leveraged the opportunity with consumers by creating an interactive and four way shoppable unit. The archway and lug ons were constructed from Foamcore. The pillars were litho printed on 100lb stock and mounted to B-flute corrugate as was the base. EB corrugate was used for inner structural supports. This display was created by Proprint Services, 5621 Finch Avenue East, Toronto, Ont., Canada, M1B 2T9; Silver Award (Web Site)

Walgreens/Gillette Venus Powerwing Display


This Semi-Permanent Display was created for the launch of the new Gillette Venus Swirl Razor. The Powerwing Display was designed to fit the unique 14″ wide specifications of a Walgreens Sidekick Fixture. The unit included a combination of shelves and peghooks designed to merchandise both the new Swirl Razor and other Venus Shaving Products. Available injection molded tooling of key components allowed Gillette to spend more display budget dollars for this launch display on the high quality clear styrene and silver edging used to achieve an upscale premium look for the display. This display was created by New Dimensions Research, 260 Spagnoli Road, Melville, NY 11747; Bronze Award. (Web Site)


Pints & Plates NFC Kiosks

MillerCoors wanted to give grocery shoppers an easy introduction to beer & food pairing with two NFC-powered “kiosks”. Starting with either the beer they loved, or the meal they’d planned, shoppers were prompted to simply tap their phones to an icon for a suggested pairing. The kiosks were placed in both the meat department and the beer section. Clean graphics, plain language, and a user-friendly scale encouraged interaction, while embedded NFC chips brought the magic. This display was created by Madden Communications, Wood Dale, IL, and Arc Worldwide, 35 W. Wacker Dr,. Chicago, IL 60601; Silver Award (Web Site)


ECHO/WEMO Home Automation Display for Staples

Amazon wanted to bring the success of an on-line personal electronics product launch into a brick and mortar retail destination as well as promote the home automation features of the Echo. This display needed to deliver a multi-sensory experience that exhibited the many features and benefits for the shopper in-store. This was accomplished via LED lighting and an interactive video with audio, that was produced through the Echo, to reveal the superior sound quality. The out of the box WEMO products were displayed to give the shopper a visual idea of how the products work together to make their life simpler. This display was created by DARKO, 2026 Summit Commerce Park, Twinsburg, OH 44087; Silver Award (Web Site)


3M Office Depot/Max Expressions POG

The objective: Merchandise the tape and accessory area to improve the shopping experience. Particularly, help shoppers see the fun and creative patterns that are available, so they are inspired to shop the hundreds of SKUs easily. The solution must be easily updated for the frequently changing styles and designs in the Expressions category. The assignment: Create a system of shelf trays with large front graphic panels that feature key patterns from this very large (150+) SKU mix. That will help reduce the visual clutter of the hundreds of SKU, while organizing the product and making it both visually well presented and easy to shop at all times. This display was created by Great Northern; 1800 South St., Racine, WI 54912; Bronze Award (Web Site)


Kellogg’s Big Game Football Helmet Display

This display is an eye-catching football helmet shaped display that was designed to capture shoppers’ attention and encourage purchase. Its small footprint allowed for out-of-aisle placement and adjacencies, yet it was wide enough to hold four facings of Cheez-It boxes and Pringles with multiple shelf depths created to follow the contour of a helmet profile. Having all the needed snacks in one display made party time prep a snap for shoppers and the eye-catching football thematic captured shoppers’ attention. This display was created by Menasha Display, 1645 Bergstrom Rd., Neenah, WI 54956; Silver Award. (Web Site)


Air Wick Life Scents Fragrance Compacts Display

The objective was to create an in-store “comparative fragrance experience” to launch the new Air Wick Life Scents home fragrance line at multiple retail channels. A semi-permanent creative solution was needed to invite new and existing users of home fragrance products to experience Life Scents before purchasing. “Scent bead” technology was implemented to deliver intense and long-lasting fragrance. The beads were housed inside vented compact modular housing which screened them from view without inhibiting the scent experience. Graphic elements engaged shoppers and introduced them to the three distinct “notes” within each fragrance. This display was created by Mechtronics, 511 Fishkill Ave., Beacon, NY 12508; Bronze Award & Budget Award. (Web Site)


Spooky Snack Lab

This display brought Oreo and Fanta merchandising together in store and stand out in the candy dominated Halloween period by showcasing the unexpected fun moms can provide with trusted brands she feels good about serving. A spooky snack lab complete with stone archways, flying bats and blinking electrodes inspired moms to create their own Halloween snack creations. Artwork leveraged the popular “steampunk” style to contemporize the mad scientist laboratory with both Nabisco and Fanta POS sharing the designs and call-to-actions of Halloween shoppers. This display was created by East West Marketing Group, 575 8th Ave., New York, NY 10018; Bronze Award. (Web Site)