Landaal Packaging Systems will unveil its patent pending Snack Display Retail Merchandiser. In the world of retail display merchandisers, Landaal Packaging Systems’ new display virtually eliminates the major obstacle – assembly time. The patent pending technology creates an automatically-assembling display requiring only a few seconds before it’s ready to be filled with product. The automatic assembly system is a perfect fit for any snack food manufacturer. This patent pending point of purchase display ensures that the display can quickly be set up and easily stocked by the merchandising staff. To learn more about its Snack Display Retail Merchandiser, contact Landaal Packaging Systems at Booth 4700 or call 810-223-0605; (Web Site)


Rocktenn Merchandising Displays will be showing this Knorr Mi Arroz Floorstand. The product shelves are angled, creating an illusion by printing product contents on the center graphic panel pouring into a bowl full of rice. The rice bin structure is secured by a bin divider which connects the printed rice bin structure to the floor stand structure, which provides structural stability. To learn more about this display, contact Rocktenn at Booth 4219 or call 800-829-1509; (Web Site)


Hankscraft will be showing its new smaller, slimmer, edge lit acrylic price rail. This motion activated LED edge lit piece features a motion sensor that lights up changeable graphics just as the consumer is approaching a product. AAA batteries power thousands of activations. Choose from 5″ or 7″ stock sizes and custom sizes are also available. To learn more about this edge lit acrylic price rail, contact Hankscraft, Inc., at Booth 4635 or call 608-524-4341; (Web Site)


VKF Renzel USA will be showing its new FlatClick display items, which are the perfect solution for those seeking the look of acrylic but need more durability. These items ship flat and simply click together when ready to use which helps reduce shipping costs. FlatClick items are made in the USA from shatter-resistant PETG. To learn more about FlatClick displays, visit VKF Renzel at Booth 3952, or call 847.228.9800; (Web Site)


Rocket Production will be featuring its new Scent-Sation POP Scent Dispenser. This unit can be used with motion sensor to dispense attractive scents to passersby. The sky’s the limit on the type of scents available from coffee to flowers to popcorn plus custom scents are available. It’s easy to install with non-absorbing vaporless scents. To learn more about the Scent-Sation POP Scent Dispenser, visit Rocket Production at Booth 4429 or call 866-682-8811; (Web Site)


Holography Box will be showing its Holography Box™ integrated device that projects the image and sound of a product or brand to appear as floating on air. Hasbro is using holographic videos at the retail shelf in Target Stores to promote its Transformers and My Little Pony lines of products. The holographic images bring these characters to life in an attention-getting and impactful way. To learn more about Holography Box, visit Holography Box at Booth 4556; or call 305-203-0660; (Web Site)


Outwater Plastics Industries will be showing its new Tensioned Fabric System by FOGA®, which includes a comprehensive range of clear anodized, extruded aluminum profiles and accessories that have been engineered for use with tensioned fabric to readily and cost effectively create customized, single and double sided, LED backlit or unlit signs, banners, exhibits, pop up displays and light boxes of any size desired. Comprising integrated channels that run the length of each profile, silicone strips sewn into the perimeters of tensioned fabric can be easily pressed into the slots of the system’s configured modular profiles, enabling perfect results every time without the need for any tools or special skills. To learn more about Outwater’s Tensioned Fabric System by FOGA, visit Booth 1680 or call 800-631-8375 ; (Web Site)


Trumari will debut its new ‘Pop-Up Shop’ Lama system. Offering a creative temporary retail space where any kind of merchandise can be sold, the displays can be designed with numerous special effects to add ‘pop’ and style. Because the ‘Pop-Up Shop’ Lama systems are so customizable, they can also be tailored to fit a customer’s exact needs. For example, the ‘Pop-Up Shop’ Lama system specially-created by Trumari for GlobalShop incorporates a clothing rod, wide shelves capable of holding a variety of products and an attached mirror. Beautiful print and foil details are also especially impactful in highlighting the temporary shop. To learn more about the “Pop-Up Shop” Lama system, visit Booth 4330 or call 206-799-5747; (Web Site)


Henschel-Steinau will introduce LumaNEXT™, an innovative illumination system designed for retail shopping environments. LumaNEXT is a patent-pending, plug-and-play, low voltage LED illumination system that delivers value to retailers in multiple ways. Centralized Power Stations connected to control devices can be strategically located throughout a store to deliver 24 Volt DC current to as many as two-dozen system devices. These include overhead solid state lighting, vertical graphic banner luminaires, suspended illuminated signs, illuminated perimeter wall displays, and other back-lit merchandising displays. To learn more about LumaNEXT by HS Illumination, visit Henschel-Steinau at Booth 1727 or call 201-760-4100; (Web Site)


DUCO Technologies will be showing it’s ULTRA HIGH-DEFINITION INVISION® 4K CONTROL BOX, the newest addition to its line-up of Android-Based LCD Media Players. The InVision UHD 4K Control Box converts UHD 4K television screens of any size into sophisticated media players. Marketers can now feature their in-store 4K video advertising content on any size 4K television. Some features include: 2GB of internal memory, an optional Accessory Box that plays videos with as many as 10 push buttons, or a combination of looping videos, motion sensor and push buttons; optional external memory card slot; optional SATA Drive with up to 64GB capacity. For more information, contact DUCO Technologies at Booth 3921 or call 702-451-3660; (Web Site)


Do-It Corp. will be showing Printed Hang Tabs which allow products to hang anywhere in the store. Promotional style hang tabs hold a sample for cross-promotion or work as an in-store coupon. In addition, printed hang tabs can reduce packaging costs and size or replace packaging completely. To learn more about Printed Hang Tabs, visit Do-It Corp. at Booth 4161 or call 800-426-4822; (Web Site)


Above All Advertising will be showing Contour Flags,™ which are sturdy, single or double sided, flags that can be custom shaped to attract attention and promote specific products. The unique shape and design of the Contour Flag™ stands out in any environment and boasts a large branding surface area. Contour Flags may be used indoors or outdoors. To learn more about Contour Flags, visit Above All Advertising at Booth 3405 or call 866-552-2683; (Web Site)


Enhance America will be showing neon signs it has created for the beverage and consumer product industries. Enhance is the world’s largest manufacturer of neon signs under one roof. To learn more about neon signs for point-of-purchase advertising, visit Enhance America at Booth 4339 or call 888-318-8555; (Web Site)


Windo Displays will be showing the Swiftline™ floor display solution. The Swiftline™ is a light-duty version of the Windo Displays’ FloorWindo® 4A4 model making it an ideal solution for both short-term campaigns and low traffic environments. In addition to floor advertising, the Swiftline™ is also ideal for advertising on counter surfaces. The Swiftline is reusable for multiple campaigns. It features a textured scratch-resistant surface with a transparent frame. It requires no messy adhesives. To learn more about The Swiftline, visit Windo Displays at Booth 3956 or call 289-668-6407; (Web Site)


Marketing Impact Limited will be showing its new pusher system specifically designed to hold beverage enhancing products in the retail environment. The system pushes these small bottles against a custom designed front fence with a built in price channel. The system can grow in depth and width to accommodate most products in the retail environment. It also has the ability to pull out each shelf of pushers, allowing the retailer to easily rotate and restock the product and thereby saving them time and money. To learn more about this Pusher System for beverage enhancers, visit Marketing Impact at Booth 1982 or call 905-738-0888; (Web Site)

HIIMPACT-Window Poster Signage Tabs1

Hi-Impact Products will be showing its new Window Poster Signage Tabs. Specifically formulated for hot, sunny window exposure, they are quick, neat and easy to use. Now window signage can simply be made of paper, as opposed to using more costly media, or, using expensive window signage framing systems. To learn more about these new Window Poster Signage Tabs, visit Hi-Impact Products at Booth 1130, or call 514 426 1634; (Web Site)


Kinter will be introducing K-Ads. An innovative retail P.O.P. display product, K-Ads enables advertising to be mounted on in-store cooler door handles,creating a win for marketers and retailers. For marketers, K-Ads direct consumers to their brand at the point-of-sale. And for retailers, K-Ads create new revenue streams by turning their cooler door handles into billboards. K-Ads take advertising to a new place. To learn more about K-Ads, visit Kinter at Booth 2143 or call 800-323-2389; (Web Site)


Nashville Display will be showing this permanent display created for Hardware Resources to merchandise its decorative hardware. Cabinet and drawer handles and pulls are displayed on drawer fronts. The hardware displayed on the drawer front is stocked in the drawer. To learn more about this permanent display, visit Nashville Display at Booth 4537 or call 888-743-2572;(Web Site)


Testrite Visual Systems will be showing Silhouette Aluminum Trim Frames, slim, economical sign frames. The extremely lightweight,adhesive backed sign frames make it easy to hang signs on all types of surfaces. The units are constructed of real aluminum alloy and feature mitred corners. They can be cut to any size. They ship completely assembled. Silhouette Aluminum Trim Frames accept graphics up to 3/32″ thick. They are available with a Satin Silver or Matte Black finish. To learn more about Silhouette Aluminum Trim Frames visit Booth 1611 or call 888.873.2735; (Web Site)


PERCH will be showing PERCH Vertical, a highly interactive, media rich and space efficient product display. PERCH displays attract customers, encourage them to touch and pick up products and reward them for doing so with dynamic digital media. PERCH Vertical works in coordination with the PERCH Cloud to provide a robust interactive media platform for product display with built-in shopper analytics. To learn more about PERCH Vertical, visit PERCH at Booth 3143 or call 212-334-6978; (Web Site)


Innovation Clic will be showing ChillAir, a light and portable cooling system covered by a corrugated sleeve for temporary promotions. It is highly flexible, economical and easy to change for each new campaign. ChillAir can be set up in a just a few minutes and positioned anywhere within the store due to its small footprint and wheel system. Its smart LED lighting system enhances product visibility. Chill Air has resulted in an 80% higher product rotation compared to close front coolers. To learn more about ChillAir, visit Innovation Clic at Booth 4841 or call 905-632-4813; (Web Site)


DLC Lumisheet will be showing The LumiFabric LightBox. The LumiFabric LightBox, coupled with DLC’s patented LumiSheet LED edge lit panel provides uniform and high impact punch for backlit fabric graphics in one of the industries slimmest LightBoxes ever. At under an inch in depth and custom made to specifications, the sleek, almost frameless appearance will blend seamlessly into any environment. To learn more about The LumiFabric LightBox, visit DLC Lumisheet at Booth 1865 or call 866-766-0509; (Web Site)


Se-Kure Control will be showing its VANTAGE II Recoiler® Merchandise Display, designed to help sell and protect the Newest Mobile Technologies. A variety of heights and colors are available with alarm and power options. A single wire eliminates clutter. It is available with Igloo or Metal Base Plates, with or without Grippers. A self-centering Sensor pivots to Portrait or Landscape. It features simple installation and maintenance. To learn more about the VANTAGE II Recoiler®, visit Se-Kure Controls at Booth 2225 or call 800-250-9269; (Web Site)


STM, Shelf Talkers Manufacturing will be showing the LUMINA Curved Menu Board. The Menu Board is angled to attract attention. The stylish curved base provides an elegant look. The frame rotates for portrait or landscape position. To learn more about the LUMINA Curved Menu Board, visit Shelf Talkers Manufacturing at Booth 1659 or call 888-755-0750; (Web Site)