Whole Foods Top 10 Trends For 2017

Whole Foods Market’s top 10 trends for 2017 include: Wellness Tonics – The new year will usher in a new wave of tonics, tinctures and wellness drinks that go far beyond the fresh-pressed juice craze. Buzzed-about ingredients include kava, Tulsi/holy basil, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and adaptogenic herbs. Products from Byproducts – Whether it’s leftover whey from strained Greek yogurt or spent grains from beer, food producers are finding innovative ways to give byproducts new life. Coconut Everything -coconut flour tortillas, coconut sugar aminos and more unexpected coconut-based products are on the rise. Japanese Food, Beyond Sushi -Long-celebrated condiments with roots in Japanese cuisine, like ponzu, miso, mirin, sesame oil and plum vinegar are making their way from restaurant menus to mainstream American pantries. Creative Condiments – Once rare and unfamiliar sauces and dips are showing up on menus and store shelves such as sesame tahini, habanero jam, and ghee. Rethinking Pasta – Alternative grain noodles made from quinoa, lentils and chickpeas (which also happen to be gluten-free) are quickly becoming favorites. Purple Power – Richly colored purple foods are popping up everywhere: purple cauliflower, purple asparagus, etc. On-the-Go Beauty -With multitasking ingredients and simple applications, natural beauty brands are blurring the line between skincare and makeup products. Flexitarian -Consumers will embrace a new, personalized version of healthy eating that’s less rigid than typical vegan, Paleo, gluten-free and other “special diets.” Mindful Meal Prep – People are asking how meals can stretch their dollar, reduce food waste, save time and be healthier.